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The Anomaly out July 4th in the UK

THE ANOMALY OUT JULY 4th in the UK. Here is trailer for you!! Share everywhere you can.

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Luke Hemsworth, Ian Somerhalder topline Noel Clarke sci-fi

EXCLUSIVE: Shoot underway on Noel Clarke-directed sci-fi starring Luke Hemsworth, Ian Somerhalder.

Shoot is underway in London and New York on sci-fi action-thriller The Anomaly starring Ian Somerhalder (Lost, The Vampire Diaries), Brian Cox, Noel Clarke, Alexis Knapp and Luke Hemsworth, brother of Liam and Chris, in his first lead film role.

Read the full Screendaily article here

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Magnolia’s Magnet takes US on Noel Clarke horror Storage 24

After making waves all over Europe and Asia, Storage 24 is now taking the world of digital movie watching by storm in the US! December 6th, 2012 will mark the day that Storage 24 hits all VOD platforms, just before it's new year theatrical release. "Storage 24 will be a real delight for monster movie fans,” said Magnolia president Eamonn Bowles. “It delivers scares in spades.”

If you didn't get to see it in cinemas last spring, make sure to order it on VOD now! It's going to be a spooky Christmas this year!!

Read the full article here

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The Knot Trailer

Released in the UK on October 5th 2012. The Knot is a romantic comedy starring a host of British and American acting talent; including Mena Suvari (American Beauty, American Pie), Talulah Riley (St Trinian's, Pride & Prejudice), Matthew McNulty (Control, Looking for Eric) Noel Clarke (Centurion, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll), Jason Maza (Fish Tank, Shifty) and Juliet Oldfield (Bronson).

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The Knot – Official poster

The official poster for 'The Knot' has been revealed. Film will be out in UK cinemas this October.

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Buyers snap up Storage 24

We are delighted to announce that Noel's latest film Storage 24 is being snapped up by distributors from Turkey all the way to New Zealand! It seems the Dr. Who star hasn't lost his touch on what an international sci-fi audience wants! Read the full article here

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Storage 24

Check out the trailer of UNSTOPPABLE's new movie, Storage 24, now on Youtube.

Storage 24 is a sci-fi horror starring BAFTA award winner Noel Clarke (Kidulthood, Adulthood,, Antonia Campbell Hughes (Bright Star, The Task) Laura Haddock (The Inbetweeners Movie, How Not to Live Your Life) and Colin O’Donoghue (The Rite, The Tudors). Storage 24 is written by Noel Clarke and directed by Johannes Roberts (F, When Evil Calls).

Noel Clarke commented:
“It has been a great shoot and really exciting seeing Storage 24 come to life. The action and effects we've used make it look really atmospheric and scary. It has certainly exceeded any expectations I had when I penned the first draft of the script.”

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The Knot

It was the most anticipated wedding of the year, everyone wanted to know who she was wearing, who was attending and that hat - what was she thinking… no NOT the royal wedding the KNOT. It all started on a beautiful spring day and luckily it stayed that way for 4 weeks, as this was no normal wedding day this was Unstoppable’s next film romantic-comedy ‘The Knot.’

As the old saying says ‘the worse the wedding the better the marriage’ and for Jeremy and Alexandra everything that could go wrong on their big day does. Luckily for us in the film industry ‘the worse the wedding the better the film’ so you can expect lots of laughs and a few oohs and aahs when the happy couple finally make it up the aisle.

But the laughs started way before the actors got on set. I have to say the most memorable experience was casting the part of Steelo. It was a cold, grey day and I was sat in an ex-care home waiting for the casting to commence (this is the real glamour of making movies) one by one the men came and one by one they danced and stripped to the core! The director (who was hiding behind the camera) told them to use me as their focus - WTF! I tried to maintain eye contact at all times but I knew I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t have a sneaky peak – as Steelo’s character needed to be ‘hung like a donkey’ so I had to do my research! Some were good, some were bad and some were ugly. But my breaking point came when one hopeful came in and started doing an aerobics workout eventually stripping down to a pair of red lace knickers. I had held the nervous laughter in all day but at this point I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I actually shrieked - thinking that this was some kind of a joke but when the poor man turned around he was distraught! I felt terrible! Thank god for Mr Johnny Anglais is all I can say, he was my favourite from the moment I poured baby oil on him and he waved around his Union Jack flag!

Fun Film Fact –

Johnny Anglais who plays Steelo is an actual stripper but used to be a high school teacher!

Next time…Storage 24

Roslyn x

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Mena Suvari, Talulah Riley, Matthew McNulty and Noel Clarke to star in The Knot

Principal photography to commence on 28th March 2011

London, 2011 – New Treatment and Unstoppable Entertainment in association with beActive Entertainment, are delighted to announce principal photography on feature film The Knot. Picture will be shot on locations across South London commencing 28 March 2011. UK distribution will be handled by Exile Media Group.

The Knot is a romantic comedy starring a host of British and American acting talent; including Mena Suvari (American Beauty, American Pie), Talulah Riley (St Trinian’s, Pride & Prejudice), Matthew McNulty (Control, Looking for Eric) Noel Clarke (Centurion, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll), Jason Maza (Fish Tank, Shifty) and Juliet Oldfield (Bronson).

The Knot is co-written by Davie Fairbanks, Geoff Carino and BAFTA award winning actor, writer and director Noel Clarke
(, Adulthood, Kidulthood) and directed by Mash Up’s Jesse Lawrence.

Soulmates Alexandra (Talulah Riley) and Jeremy (Matthew McNulty) are getting married. At least that's the plan. Unfortunately for them, nonchalant best man Peter (Noel Clarke), bridesmaid
Sarah (Mena Suvari) and an army of naysayers haven't heard they're meant to be together. Can missing bridesmaids, crashed cars, a trip to A&E, and a delivery of pigs testicles stand in the way
of true love?

For further details please contact Diffusion PR:

Laura Pettitt: 020 7025 1507

Abbi Broadbent: 020 7025 6834

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Twitter submissions

To tweet or not to tweet…

After spending weeks, months or even years on a script you’re finally ready to unveil it to the world. Your partner/lover/parent/friend (delete as appropriate) has read it and thinks it’s the best thing they’ve ever read – even if they don’t quite understand why you have aligned everything down the middle of the page and have left most of the story out. This is it - the next big blockbuster, it’s going to be a box office smash but there’s just one problem no-one in the film industry wants to read it! You haven’t got an agent so you can’t send it to a production company and you can’t get an agent without a reputation so it’s game over.

That was until Mr Clarke’s light bulb flicked on – he is a writer, actor, director, he knows how difficult it is to get that first opportunity and he now has his own production company, the heavens opened and a light shone down - “Let’s accept unsolicited scripts on Twitter” he booms. “Erm, excuse me Mr Clarke?” I timidly reply “You have over 50,000 followers on Twitter, what if they all respond? Who will read them?” “YOU’ he replies.

So that’s what we did, the response wasn’t quite 50,000 but it was enough to take me 6 months to get through them all and respond to everyone which was another demand made by Mr Clarke. Out of all the scripts I read – the good, the bad and the ugly – just one has been optioned by Unstoppable Entertainment. ‘Lifetime’ written by the brilliant Mr Paul Hutchinson is now on our slate and we have already made a start on its development. Obviously nothing is definite in this industry but we plan very big things for this script and for Paul in the future and are very happy to have him on board.

I have been asked many times ‘What are you looking for in a script’ and my very unhelpful answer is ‘I don’t know’. Personally, I go with my gut when reading something and I always ask myself key questions – who is this aimed at, who would go to the cinema to watch this? Would I? Has the story affected me in any way – am I happy/sad/angry/scared... Ultimately a script (like a book) that is a page-turner is one that I take seriously whereas something that I find a chore to read I know has big problems.

However budding writers there are two things to remember - firstly you can’t teach imagination but you can teach skill so if its your format or writing style that’s letting you down be pro-active enrol in a class, read a guide, seek advice from a more experience scriptwriter…you CAN learn. Secondly and perhaps more importantly if it’s the subject that is in question then remember it’s just one opinion, everyone has them and most people don’t agree so if I said no that doesn’t mean someone else won’t love it.

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